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Group of Friends Going on Excursion

Clubs and Groups

You’ll never be bored at The Windmill. It’s a hive of activity, playing host to multiple groups, clubs and societies suitable for all ages.
Meet other parents at the toddler group, attend a fitness session, train your dog at obedience classes, join a football team, brush up on your tennis skills, encourage your child to join a Scouting or Guiding group. These are just some of the options; there are so many possibilities for the whole family.
Take a look at our groups’ listings and find the right clubs for you and your family.


The Windmill offers year-round sporting opportunities inside and outside, for both adults and children. Take a closer look at what’s on offer.


Community Run Clubs and Groups.

Activity and Interest

Make new friends, share interests and learn different skills at our many and varied groups for adults and children.

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