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October 2020

It almost looks as though things are back to normal at the Windmill, but appearances can be deceptive. Cricket matches with no cricket teas; football games with no changing room banter; and many of our regular hirers - Zumba, Pilates, yoga etc. - wandering around the building in masks furiously cleaning door handles and light switches with Cillit Bang spray. Still, it’s better than lockdown and we are grateful to all of our users who are following our C-19 guidelines and keeping the facilities safe for each other.

In fact, on many occasions, I’ve cycled up to the Windmill and the place is absolutely chocka, which is wonderful to see. However, it can sometimes lead to parking issues which brings me on to my first plea. If you live in the village, do you really need to drive to the Windmill? Secondly, a few people have started leaving their vehicle in the Windmill car park overnight. Please don’t. The Windmill is private property and not parking overspill for the village. My final plea is to dog-owners and you know what it’s about. My lad plays football for the U14s and we haven’t been able to start a match yet this season without picking up two or three ‘deposits’ from the pitch. Ugh! Disgusting!

To end on a much more positive note, I’d like to congratulate local lad Alfie Barbeary - England U20 Rugby - who, along with local equestrian star Millie Scott, kindly opened the new Windmill adventure playground for us last July. Alfie made his full debut for Wasps versus Leicester Tigers recently and scored a hattrick - only the second player in the history of the Premiership to do so. And to think that he threw his first rugby ball on the Windmill playing fields… (I’m not sure if that last bit is true, but we’re claiming it!)

Vaughan Jones, Chair

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