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December 2020

What a bittersweet month November has been. Bitter due to Lockdown: The Sequel and a second closure of the Windmill - just as we were all getting used to living with the restrictions. (Am I the only one to be mystified by the Government’s decision to ban grass-roots sport in this second lockdown while allowing, say, school PE lessons to continue?) Sweet, because we now have the promise of a vaccine and, according to some experts, something approaching normal life by Spring 2021. 

As I intimated last month, maybe this is a good time to brainstorm other ways in which the Windmill might serve our community. What other purposes could we use our facilities for? What should a community centre like ours offer in a post-Covid world? Do get in touch with your ideas. We’d love to hear from you. (By the way, I always encourage people to get in touch, but nobody ever does. Go on… surprise me!)

Finally, I must thank our regular users for their understanding in these difficult times. We hate having to close our facilities, but I’m afraid we have no choice. 

As always, for further information and regular updates on what is (or isn’t) going on at the Windmill, look us up on Facebook. Stay well everyone and have a very happy Christmas.

Vaughan Jones, Chair

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