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April 2021

This month, we are going to talk toilets! In particular, I want to update you on the planned refurbishment of the main ground floor toilet facilities. This capital project, financed by the Parish Council, has long been on our ‘to do’ list and we have talked to several contractors over the past months. Two options are currently being considered:

Option One:    a like-for-like refurbishment of the existing facility.

Option Two:    a reconfiguration to form a large gender-neutral facility, with floor to ceiling

cubicles, a baby-changing facility and fit-for-purpose disabled loo/referee’s

changing room.

We have kept in touch with all our regular user groups, informing them along the way and, so far, the responses have been overwhelmingly in favour of Option Two. The Windmill management committee, as well as the Windmill trustees, are also in favour of the second option. In addition, a full Equality Impact Assessment has been undertaken, in line with the Windmill Equality and Diversity Policy, to ensure that any proposed plans do not intentionally discriminate against protected groups under the Equality Act 2010.  It is worth noting that the new loos planned on the west side of the building - a disabled loo to serve the Hempton lounge as well as a much-needed outside loo - will also be Equality Act compliant and gender-neutral. The loos upstairs will remain single sex.

A full report will be presented at the next Parish Council Meeting. Whether you are a regular or occasional user of the Windmill, we’d love to know what you think. Do email me directly by 15th April if you would like to express your views. There is a more detailed briefing document on our website and posted on the notice board outside the Windmill Centre. We can get you a paper copy if you ring the Windmill number 07720 834006 and let us know your name and address.

Explore our website and FB page for information about all the many groups that operate out of the Windmill and the latest news concerning our post-Covid re-opening. It can’t be long now…

Vaughan Jones

Chair, Windmill Management Committee

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