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April 2024

Well, wouldn’t you know it. Just as I announced in the last issue that work was about to begin on the new Windmill roof, the contractors delayed the start date by three weeks – what a surprise! We are now expecting them to get going by the middle of March with a completion date towards the end of April / beginning of May. Always best to be slightly vague with these things. We will keep you updated on progress and are grateful to all users for their patience, understanding and cooperation during this time. It’s an important project and will ensure the viability of the Windmill as a safe, leak-free, better-insulated and therefore ‘greener’ facility for years to come. I’d like to suggest it will radically improve the outward appearance of our community centre, but that might be stretching it…

Inside, however, is a different matter. All our regular and occasional users have remarked on how much smarter the inside spaces are looking these days. New kitchen, new loos. New floors, new doors. The main hall has been redecorated and the stage area refurbishment is nearly complete. Our next step is to fit acoustic panels in the hall and upstairs in the Deddington studio. They should significantly improve the sound quality. Then, we have new showers, new furniture and new lamps for the carpark on our ever-expanding ‘to do’ list.


All these improvements are designed to revitalise as well as widen the scope of our, that is to say, your community facility. Whatever you are planning – a kid’s birthday party, a new keep fit class, a silent disco, a business away day, cookery lessons, a science lecture, a school fundraiser, a drama workshop, a wine-tasting session, a new pickleball / table tennis / chess club – whatever you are planning, you need look no further than the Windmill. As I never tire of saying, the Windmill is your community space – use it!


You can find out what is happening at the Windmill or how to book it for one of your own events by visiting our website or our Facebook page or by calling our bookings secretary Julie on 07720 834006.


Vaughan Jones

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