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Image by Mike Kenneally

Windmill News

June 2023

I should remind you that The Lookout can also be hired in its own right. Together with the All-Weather Court, or the adventure playground or simply the Windmill Park in general, it makes a great base for a smaller outdoor kids’ party. With the trestle tables and benches you can lay out a birthday tea for up to 16 or so children. Hiring rates are on our website.

Bigger parties are better accommodated in the Main Hall. A joint 60th party was recently held there for over 80 people. A licensed bar, outside caterers and a live band were organised and a cracking time was had by all… apparently. (I wasn’t invited!) The hirer, who had used the hall once before, was very impressed by all the improvements – especially the toilets. As I think I’ve already mentioned, we hope to continue improvements this year with plans to revamp the kitchen and redecorate the hall.


Three big public events are also coming up in the Main Hall: Deddington Summer Artisan Craft Fayre on 10th June, Deddington Town FC Youth Presentation Day on 11th June and the Primary School Summer Production 12-14th July. Information about these events or any of the regular groups and societies that meet at the Windmill, please visit our website or FaceBook page. Have a great summer!

Cricket team - Deddington
Deddington Town FC
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